Chimera is our expression of flavors from around the Pacific Rim. We focus on creating dishes that are deeply rooted in their origin but presented with modern creativity and sensibility

Pacific Rim Cuisine Map

  Xiao Long Bao  (little basket bun) is a classic Shanghai dish traditionally made with crabmeat, pork, and rich soup stock. By incorporating stock into the filling, it is very juicy. Hence, it is also known as soup dumpling. In the age of factory-made dim sum, we still make our the traditional way, by hand. If you're hip, you can call it XLB.

Taste the Pacific Rim here in Boulder

Have you ever wanted to travel across the globe to experience the beautiful cuisine of the Pacific Rim but just don’t have the time? Through our menu, our mission is to transport you to these exotic locales without ever packing your bags. Here at Chimera, you will experience dishes that make you feel as though you are in a ramen shop in Sapporo, Japan, or indulge in a traditional Korean hot pot, or travel to Taiwan for a house-made Xiao Long Bao soup dumpling. So pack your “culinary bags” and join us for a memorable journey.